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Some suggestions from various parts of the English-speaking world:

The Irish Times and the Irish Times bringing you Irish news online, international news, sports and weather.

The Age
The latest local news on Melbourne, national news from Australia and world news.

Home of the Guardian, Observer and Guardian Weekly newspapers plus special-interest sites – news, comment and features.

The New York Times
Breaking news, world news and multimedia. Online edition of the newspaper’s news and commentary.

Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles’ leading online source for local, state, national, world and entetainment news.

Mail & Guardian
South Africa’s oldest quality news source on the web and Africa’s first online newspaper – breaking news and in-depth news commentary.


The Economist
Weekly newspaper focusing on international politics, business news and opinion.

Online dictionaries

An online computer dictionary for computer and internet terms and definitions.

Extensive German-English dictionary that includes translation discussion boards and sections for French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese.

Largest online thesaurus. Quickly find up-to-date synonyms and antonyms.

Marketing Terms
Internet marketing reference and index of the best sites and articles. It includes the Internet Marketing Dictionary which you can browse alphabetically or by category.

Wind energy


American Wind Energy Association. Represents wind power project developers, equipment suppliers, services providers, , parts manufacturers, utilities, researchers and others involved in the wind industry.

Wind Powering America
U.S. Department of Energy: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Research and development of renewable fuels and electricity: wind, solar,
geothermal, boimass, hydrogen and fuel cells.

Wind Research
This is the NRELs wind research site. It includes studies on improving wind turbine technology to make energy from the wind competitive with conventional energy sources, wind resource maps, environmental impact reports and more.

Wind Energy Resource Atlas
This is the Renewable Resource Data Center site and includes a wind energy resource atlas of the US, as well as links to other wind resource maps.

Alternative Energy
Extensive website of alternative energy news and information resources about renewable energy technologies. Includes large section on wind energy.


Renewable Energy
Australian Government online information centre for renewable energy, including renewable energy atlas of Australia and a wide range of links.

The Clean Energy Council
The Clean Energy Council is an amalgamation of the Australian Wind Energy Industry Association (Auswind) and the Australian Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE). Includes list of member companies and organisations.

Wind Energy Research Unit
The Wind Energy Research Unit of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation has pioneered new research into forecasting, capturing and storing wind energy to help ensure consistent supply.


Rotten Tomatoes
The ultimate movie site – movie trailers, movie reviews and new movie previews.