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Phrases and expressions for making and taking calls, leaving messages, handling complaints and many other types of situations.

Starting a call

• Hi / Hello / Good morning / Good afternoon …
• Tom Nowak speaking.
• This is Tom Nowak.

Taking a call

• (This is) Jane Merryman speaking.
• (How) Can I help you?
• (Could you tell me) Who’s calling, please?
• Who’s speaking?
• Where are you calling from?
• Would you mind telling me what it’s about?
• Are you sure you have the right number/name?

Asking for a connection

• Can I speak to ………. please? (more informal)
• Could I speak to ………. please?
• May I speak to ………. please? (more formal)
• I’d like to speak to ………. please.
• Extension 41, please.

Putting someone through

• Hold the line, please.
• Could you hold on please?
• Just a moment, please.
• Thank you for holding.
• The line’s free now … I’ll put you through.
• I’ll connect you now.
• I’m connecting you / putting you through now.

Checking name of person you are calling

• Is that Michael O’Brien?
• Am I speaking to Michael O’Brien?

Giving more information

• I’m calling from Hamburg …
• I’m calling on behalf of …

Giving a reason for calling

• The reason I’m calling is to see if you have time to meet …
• I’m calling to discuss …
• I’m calling in reply to your letter / email
• I’m returning your call from yesterday …
• I’m calling about …

Active listening

• Oh, really?
• That’s interesting.
• I see / understand
• Sure
• I’m with you
• Right