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 English Workshops

Most of our workshops are in-company seminars.

We develop one or two-day workshop programmes designed around your company’s specific needs.

 Business English

The language of emails and letters, report writing, exercises in style and tone, English for presentations and English on the phone.

These are just some of the aspects of business English that have been the focus of our workshops.

Rather than give you a general overview, we’d like to show you some examples. Please see our business English workshops.

 Technical & Specialised English

Technical English covers a broad range of terms and expressions and varies greatly from sector to sector and company to company.

That’s why our process for devising these workshops is very collaborative and the result is highly personalised.

We also devise workshops that combine business English skills with the technical or specialised English required in certain fields.

English for the wind energy sector and English for Human Resources are just two examples of programmes we have devised. To view these go to technical English workshops.

 Our Process

Before we devise the content, we work with you to clarify your needs and requirements.

Would you like to know more about our process? Please click here.