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 Language Services Hamburg

Welcome to Language Services Hamburg.

We provide a range of high-quality English language services: workshops for business English and technical English, English copywriting and English translations.

Our free online resources contain a wealth of useful information and links to help you learn English.

 English Workshops

English is essential in today’s business environment, but how do you squeeze English training into a busy schedule?

We have tackled this problem.

When designing our English-language workshops we work with you to clarify your needs and establish the desired outcome. On this basis we develop a personalised one or two-day workshop programme.

Find out more about us and our English workshops.

 English Copywriting

We provide a professional and creative English copywriting service.

We write copy for coffee machines, dried fruit, pipelines, performance, margarine, films, finance … and more.

We devise and write quizzes, surveys, presentation scripts, manuals and PR for a wide range of companies.

Please see our English copywriting for details.

 English Translations

We take as much care with our translations as we do with our copywriting.

A good translation is more than just a transfer of information into another language – we compose the new text so that it captures the tone and intention of the original.

It’s all about your message connecting with its target audience.

Find out more about our English translations.